All Freddie Freeman's Son Wanted Was to Meet Fernando Tatis Jr. and It's the Cutest Shit You'll See Today

Look at my guy Charlie Freeman. Rocking Givenchy at the Home Run Derby while he got to meet his favorite player, which is apparently not his dad and reigning NL MVP, but Fernando Tatis Jr. I guess when the MVP is also the guy that makes you go to bed, that loses its luster after a while.

So Charlie, like everyone else, gravitates to the guy with arguably the most swag in sports. And even as much as I'm sure Charlie loves watching his dad play, watching Freddie Freeman and Tatis play baseball are completely different experiences. Freeman hits a homer and calmly trots around the bases, while Tatis launches one, looks at it for a while, goes around the bases with his chains flopping in the wind and then gets back to the dugout and adds on the Padres' comically large home run chain. Not hard to see why a four-year-old would be entertained by the latter.

And thankfully, Charlie got to complete his sole mission of All-Star week and got to meet Tatis. Now we have a photo with the face of baseball and the guy with the most home runs of any shortstop before the All-Star break in MLB history. Iconic.

Charlie Freeman is my favorite Brave. I'd die for that kid. And please don't forget he takes big daddy hacks and will be in the big leagues in about 20 years.