LeBron's Revenge Tour Is Here - Gets On The Court For Attention During HIs Son's Game (Shocking), Tosses Up A Bunch Of Bricks

That's it, the rest of the NBA needs to shut it down. Look at LeBron here making sure he got all the attention during his son's game. He's out here needing to put on a show and make sure everyone knows his son is playing, despite not wanting his son's to be known as LeBron's sons. And what happens? Brick. That second shot is so bad and you know he's trying to put on a show. Just wanting everyone to know that he can shoot from 30 feet. Thing isn't even close and hell that might even be a compliment. And anyone trying to defend this is wrong. You deserve to be mocked if you're on the court by yourself and throwing up bricks. You deserve it even more if you're an NBA player. You deserve it EVEN more if you're Bron Bron. 

This is the only time you don't actually deserve getting a layup during shooting around. 

Day 1 stuff really. You get the layup and then you make a pass to the new person shooting and they decide whether or not to catch and shoot or take a dribble. Basic basketball. However if you're LeBron and making sure to take over your son's game, you don't deserve the layup. You just have to make the pass out to the new person shooting. Stick to just dunking in front of people LeBron, since you were too scared to do it at the dunk contest.