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Hare Still Lacks The Clutch Gene As It Loses Yet Another Race To Tortoise

At this point you have to start considering the hare to be the Toronto Maple Leafs of the animal kingdom. I mean how many times can this happen? How many times can they have so much hype, so much expectation, build up a nice lead, and then ultimately fail miserably to get the job done in the end? Some folks just aren't cut out to be winners. And it's gotten to the point now where I don't think the hare will ever be able to get over this one. He's got the Fleming Curse or something going against him. It's the only reasonable explanation. 

Imagine being a hare fan right now. You've gone your entire life hearing all the jokes about blowing that massive lead to the tortoise. All your life you've had to sit there and be the butt of the joke. Then you finally have a chance to see hare avenge that loss and come out on time, only for the same exact shit to happen all over again. It's gotta be sickening. Hare fans have to be ready to jump ship. They don't deserve this happening to them time after time, year after year. It's a damn shame but if Hare couldn't get it done back then, and Hare still lacks the clutch gene to get it done now? Well I just don't see any future where Hare is able to get it done at all. 

Shoutout to Tortoise, though. The ultimate pro. He's been in this situation so many times before and he knows exactly what it takes to win it all. The thing I love most about Tortoise is his composure and preparation. He's a pro's pro. This ain't a hobby for him, and the results speak for themselves. The only win that means the most to him is the next one. Fuckin' legend. 

Jordie's Disclaimer: I'm sure there's a chance this video is a few years old. But whatever. There were no sports on last night besides the HR Derby anyway.