Brock Lesnar: Vegetarian's Nightmare

Many athletes pick up extracurricular activities when they retire or take a break from their sports. Athletes pick a wide variety of activities, we see Aaron Rodgers host jeopardy or Micheal Jordan played baseball. Mike Tyson raced pigeons and Dennis Rodman picked up international diplomacy. Brock Lesnar is no exception. Former NCAA, UFC, and WWE Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar decided to hit the meat locker and do some serious butchery. Yesterday was his birthday and he spent it "Choppin' it up" with the dudes.

Here he is unleashing the beast incarnate on a carcass with a chainsaw. 

His new man bun makes him look like something out of a street fighter video game. At 44 years old it's nice to see a guy do a tasteful style change late in life.