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Jeff Probst Claims That Survivor 41 Will Be "A Brand New Game" And "The Dawn Of A New Era"

(First of all, I just want to say that I really laughed at the awkward few seconds of silence before Jeff starts talking. Probst confirmed not a crop guy). 

Our long national nightmare is over. Survivor is officially going to be BACK with new episodes after a 16 month hiatus. Season 41 will have a two-hour premiere on September 22nd, staying in the Wednesday at 8 PM ET time slot. But while it's great to have Survivor back and to see Probst look as happy and dashing as ever, I do have some concerns. 

First of all, we know this season is going to be different from past ones in a few ways. It will only be 26 days instead of 39. There's no official title or theme to the season, just going by Survivor 41. But in this promo, Probst promises a lot more changes. 

Some highlights of what he said:

-"We created a new game that is much more dangerous."

-"You can call it Survivor 2.0"

-"You can call it the dawn of a new era."

-"This is a brand new game."

-"Survivor 41 is like the monster in a horror movie. And if you're a player, it's coming for you. Devour the monster or it will devour you."


My first reaction was concern. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And Survivor isn't just not broken, but it's the god damn perfect show. As someone who hates change and is already aggravated about the season being shortened to 26 days, I'm a little worried. 

But I headed over to Inside Survivor, where I figured the ultimate Survivor insider Martin Holmes would have some info, and I figured correctly. Here's what he had to say. 

For those that are members of the Inside Survivor Patreon, you will know that we previously reported that the challenges in season 41 are expected to be far more demanding and brutal than ever before.

The rewards next season are also said to be minimal compared to recent seasons (gone are the feasts and banquets of the past). Even basic necessities like flint will be hard to come by, with tribes having to give up their flint every time they lose a challenge. A big theme of the season is expected to be “everything comes at a price” (though this is not tied to fire tokens, which are not a part of the season)

If this is the case, I'm extremely fine with that. The challenges being tougher should be more entertaining. I don't personally care how much food they eat or don't eat, and I don't care if they have fire or not. To me, Survivor is a strategic and social show more than it is a survival show. If they eat a lot, that's fine with me. If they don't eat anything, I'm also fine with that. It makes sense there would be less food and more extreme conditions to make up for the show being 13 days shorter. As a viewer, I'm fine with that. As a potential future contestant, I am very worried. But mainly I just don't want the strategy of the show being messed with through crazy new twists and advantages. No fire tokens is a good start. 

At the end of the day, I shouldn't be picky. I should just be happy that we're finally getting Survivor back on our screens after such a long hiatus. 

72 days to go. Let the countdown commence.