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PUT IT IN THE BOOKS! The Mets Are Reportedly Locking In Kumar Rocker With A $6 Million Signing Bonus, More Than A Million Dollars Over Slot

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Fuck your typical long lasting draft negotiations that go right up until the deadline where you can walk away with a future star or absolutely nothing. The Mets have now signed THE MOST ELECTRIFYING ARM IN THE MLB DRAFT TODAY for the foreseeable future.

What's $6 million to Steve Cohen? Uncle Stevie lost more than that in his couch cushions last year while locked inside during the pandemic and the $1.3 million over slot doesn't mean shit when you have the finest nerds money can buy finding gems later in the draft that will sign under slot.

Now that he's put pen to paper, Kumar Rocker can focus on the important stuff, like rifling through the Mets minor league system over the next two months in order to try to land a spot on the postseason roster. Yes I said postseason roster. The only way the playoffs aren't happening in Flushing is if 96 wins don't get you a ticket to the dance. Yes I said 96 wins like I did before the season started because even though the Mets are at an 88 win pace, they made it to that number with almost every player on their team getting hurt, going through a nightmarish slump, or both. 

Am I talking like this as both a mix of excitement that the Mets signed an electric player and to try to forget that absolutely brutal win against the Pirates yesterday? You betcha! But being in first place at the All-Star Break with an actual good team is even more fun than Opening Day since all that optimism is actually rooted in something you've seen on the field when the games count. So get excited during this break Mets fans and start counting the days to whenever we see Kumar next along with the best Canadian prospect in ALL of the Great White North as well a pitcher that may actually sweat Spider Tack from his fingers.

God I love being blindly super optimistic about the baseball draft since I don't know a fucking thing about 99.999% of the players  and we forget about them until they hopefully appear on our teams' top prospects lists, which are treated as even more accurate than all the pre-draft rankings. 

P.S. I can’t wait to see certain sects of #MetsTwitter lose their minds about Rocker not being on the Big League roster the first time a reliever gives up a run in a close game. Thoughts and prayers to all sports radio talk shows whenever that happens and they open the phone lines.