Crucification Might Very Well Be The Worst Possible Way To Die

We're hashtag back with drafting random shit on The Dog Walk this week, and we're hashtag back with a bang. This was easily our most fucked up episode to date, and in a good way. Chef Donny was in town for the 4th and is launching his new video series "Die Trying" where he travels all around doing the most terrifying shit possible, so we figured the best way to promo his new series was to do a snake draft of the worst ways to die. Check out his show:

That kid has balls the size of watermelons. I like chilling on my couch; he is an adrenaline junky. We are NOT the same people. I want to die of an unsuspecting bullet to the back of the brain where my lights go out immediately, Donny toes the line like crazy. 


It was not a good idea to google "worst ways to die" because you get hit with links to all sorts of medieval torture methods and shit sooooo.... don't do that, especially if your stomach for that kinda shit is as big of a pussy as mine is.

Nevertheless, go and listen to the show. It was a doozy, per usual, and I once again dominated the draft in magnificent fashion. Don't be one of these guys...

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…and follow the leader once you see the results. Think freely and for yourself. You'll feel liberated.