Patrick Mahomes Got Caught Completely Butchering How To Talk Shit About Justin Herbert While Playing In A Golf Tournament

Just a brutal, brutal moment and I'm not talking about for Justin Herbet here. I like Patrick Mahomes, I really do. I have no ties to the AFC West besides my idiot friend being a Chiefs fan because he liked the name and colors when he was 2 years old. But you can't be the MVP, you can't be on a 10-year contract and butcher shit talking like this. Sure, we all know what he means. He clearly means I'll believe it when I see it. Hell, we've all been in this situation before and it sucks. Someone chirps you and you get ready to chirp them back, you have the perfect line in your head and you just stumble over those words or you have a typo, because let's face it, most shit talking is done via online now. It sucks. You replay that line in the shower day after day dreaming about how you could nail it. I bet Mahomes is sitting there today stewing over this more than some of his receivers dropping balls in the last Super Bowl. That or he needs to spin zone this that he's a belief first kinda guy and created a new insult. Only way he can really go is double down on it if he's asked about it. 

I say this all the time, but I support this. I want Mahomes to doubt Herbert. I wish he said it more publicly and not on a somewhat hot mic during a celebrity golf tournament. Sports needs more rivalries and more guys who aren't afraid to say how they actually feel about other players and teams. That's way more enjoyable than the boring ass canned answers we get 95% of the time. But you gotta have a little bit better shit talking than this, most notably just getting the basic line correct. 

I'm also pissed this video cut out right then and there. Need to know how the fan responded. Was he left speechless? Did he fire back something at Mahomes? You only have a quick moment with him walking down the fairway so you gotta be on your toes if you're going to yell something to someone. All I know is Mahomes needs to clean up this shit talking. Can't be in conversation for best football player and butcher shit talking like this.