Diabolical Woman Commits The Nearly Perfect Crime To Get Back At Her Cheating Ex By Using Red Light Cameras And A New Lover

Andreas Rentz. Getty Images.

An angry woman was arrested in Zhejiang Province in eastern China after she deliberately ran 49 red lights in her ex-boyfriend's car, according to local media.

The woman, identified only as Lou, asked a man called Chen to rent her former partner's Audi, the state-run Global Times newspaper reported.

Chen then handed the car to another man called Zhu who, with Lou, used the car in a two-day marathon committing traffic offenses, the Global Times said.

Zhu and Lou also ran 49 red lights before they were stopped by the police, the newspaper added. 

The car belonged to some known only as Qian who, according to the Global Times, had dated Lou before leaving her for another woman.

Following questioning by police, it was revealed that Lou had come up with the plan to rack up fines in a bid to spite her ex, the newspaper said.

Zhu, Lou's accomplice, was reportedly promised a date with Lou if he joined the four-wheeled revenge plot.

What a sassy little minx this woman is. She was scorned by a lover and came up with a plot that would effect his wallet and his driving points. Can you imagine the amount of online classes youd have to take if you ran 49 red lights in 48 hours? Theyd make you take class after class after class after class. It would be like getting your first job at the dick sucking factory with the amount of information youd be consuming. They take safety at the dick sucking factory very seriously. You cant even suck your first dick until you complete 50 hours of online training with no more than 5 hours of training on a single day. That's like 10 days of work before you can even think about sticking a dick in your mouth. But, there's a reason they have had over 340 days without a safety incident because safety is paramount at the dick sucking factory. 

Anyway, this woman went to jail and that's sad. The fella went to jail too which is even more sad. In my opinion, this is a law that should be taken off the books. In reality, it didnt harm anyone. Now, I know that running a red light is very dangerous. You could hurt people by doing that but this guy didnt. I think seeing his would-be girlfriend hauled off to jail is enough of a deterrent that this fella wont be caught up in a red light for revenge date scemes anymore. If he does, throw the book at him. But, for now, you must acquit. If not, let he who is without an intense desire for strange cast the first stone because trying to get a date with a woman is so hard these days. We need to allow these gentleman callers a little liberty. And liberty, lest we forget, liberty is the soul's right to breathe, and when it cannot take a long breath laws are girded too tight. Without liberty, man is a syncope.

I rest my case. 

PS: sorry for putting a red light district picture as the thumbnail but traffic lights dont put asses in the seats.