#FartSpace Was The Number One Global Trend On Twitter Last Night

Waking up in the morning and checking Twitter can be a pleasant surprise or it can be a confusing time. Oftentimes, late-night Twitter gets out of control. Last night was no exception. Imagine my surprise when I log on and open up my app and see #FartSpace was trending. It was not just trending but it was trending at the number one spot globally. 

Now, if you are an experienced Twitter user, you will know that finding the reason why something is trending can be difficult.  You have to wade through some weird waters in order to find the source of the trending spring. Well, this search for the fountain of youth was no different. Meme after meme after meme about farts but no source until I finally came across a few screengrab videos. Ah yes. FartSpace. 

FartSpace was a group that was using twitter's new Spaces feature which is essentially what Clubhouse is which is essentially just an AOL chat room with voices. Instead of voices, thousands of users decided not to raise their voice but to raise their butts and let loose with some wind from their netherregions. Talkin butthole. 

People farted. FartSpace was literally just people farting. 

Anyway, here's Wonderwall.