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People On The Internet Are Saying That Italy Won Euro 2020 (Beating England) On Behalf Of Meghan Markle

Lmfao. This made me laugh today. No one misses a beat when it comes to the internet, and one of my favorite things that always happens in country VS country type games, is that the rivalry runs deeper than the game itself. Sometimes we reference actual world history:

And other times it's Pop Culture until we die. 

Maybe someone should take the Twitter account away from William? I'm a noted Royals stan, but it's getting harder and harder to back these psychos. We can't have William yelling about how "racism is unacceptable" when barely 6 months ago we had Meghan Markle on a couch with Oprah straight up calling him and his father complicit and unbothered when issues of race were constant in the house.  

So mortifying for England. Losing at Soccer, then getting called racists. Is England the most embarrassing country right now? Does the US get a little break after this? I've shifted my alliances to The Queen, and The Queen only for the time being. William and Kate are acting too foolish for me to ride or die. When the Windsors get it together, we'll regroup and reassess.