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This Sports Card Has So Much Security, Nicholas Cage Couldn't Steal It

When transporting an item worth millions of dollars, it’s usually a good idea to not draw attention to yourself. Well, the owner of one of the rarest sports cards said to hell with that and just delivered his card to Denver as if it was a bottle of champagne being presented to a birthday table in a Miami nightclub.

On Saturday, a 1952 Mickey Mantle card in mint condition arrived in Denver to be put on display during the MLB All-Star Game event. The card is extremely valuable and it’s smart to not just walk around with it. However, the amount of security, police officers, and what looks like SWAT or Blackwater mercenaries who were used to deliver this card is outrageous. If you saw the escort this card received, you would probably assume it’s a head of state, an international celebrity like Dave Portnoy, or maybe even the Declaration of Independence. Nope, it’s a baseball card. A rare and valuable baseball card, but still, a baseball card (Maybe theres a secret map on the back!)

It’s clear the owner put on the performance in order to draw attention to the card, which in turn may increase its value, and I am fully aware I’m giving him that attention in writing this blog. I have a feeling though that there may be more than meets the eye with this spectacle. With the amount of pomp and circumstance this card has received, it feels like a clear setup to a bad outcome. Does the extravagant delivery bring out people with bad intentions or maybe it is merely a show put on to fool us of something later. Obviously, I hope the card stays safe and many people are able to view and enjoy it during this All-Star Game event, but something tells me we haven’t heard the last of this card.