This is the funniest moment in Scrubs history

I am on a Scrubs kick lately. I usually watch The Office and Scrubs all the way through at least once a year, and sometimes twice. Right now I'm marching through the nine seasons of Scrubs and every time I do, I decide it's my favorite sitcom of all-time. That lasts until my Office watch-through when I decide the Office sits on top of the list.

But this Scrubs moment here: Perfection. I love everything about it. The stupid premise. The look of confusion then rage on Turk's face, the absolute arm wrestling domination and then Carla's reaction. The best 21 seconds in the entire run of one of the funniest shows ever made.

Here are four other moments that I considered for this prestigious distinction. Also don't get caught up in these being the only five moments listed. I could have picked 500. These are some of my favorite.

1. Ted vs Table

Ted is similar to Creed Bratton in efficiency ratings. His laughs-per-seconds-onscreen ratio is off the charts. This is my favorite Ted moment. His fall, his face and then Dr. Kelso's "I agree." I love everything about it.

2. The seamless, collaborative guy lie

This one isn't actually all that great. I mean it's pretty good. But I really include it here because it is my dream to participate in a seamless, collaborative guy lie just once. I want to pull this off. Unfortunately all the guys around me are fucking idiots.

3. Turk dancing

No matter what I'm doing, where I'm at, where I'm supposed to be, I will find time to watch Turk's air band tryouts. Every single time. It's never not funny.


4. Does this shade of red make me look like a clown?

My personal choice to funniest one-liner ever uttered on the show. Naturally it comes from Dr. Perry Cox, the single most underrated TV character of our lifetime.

Here's a couple more Scrubs lists while I have you here.

JD's best girlfriends/love interests

1. Elliot

2. Dr. Molly Clock

3. Kylie


4. Gift Shop Girl

5. Tasty Coma Wife

Top 5 Scrubs characters

1. Dr. Cox

I already called him the most underrated TV character of our lifetime. He had the funniest one-liners. He could turn shit serious in a hurry. And like 4 of the best 5 episodes of the show revolved around him, including the one where Brendan Fraser dies and so does my soul.

2. Dr. Kelso

I love Kelso so much. He's a fucking asshole. I feel most similar to him.

3. Janitor

He can be a bit much at times but when he's on, he contends for funniest on the show.

4. Turk

Turk has climbed my list past JD on rewatches. The show doesn't work without Turk.

5. John Dorian/Ted

I couldn't decide so they tied. Fuck you.

My five favorite episodes

1. My Half Acre

I only pick this one at the top because it's the only one of my favorites that isn't sad as shit. It has the Air Band story line, it also has Mandi Moore as Julie. She is delightful. 

2. My Lunch/My Fallen Idol

This is back-to-back episodes but one story. The first is Dr. Cox saving JD when he's down bad and then Cox makes a gigantic mistake that kills three people.  Then he bottoms out, and in My Fallen Idol, JD saves him from the same thing. It's fucking perfection.

3. My Screw Up

The one where Brendan Fraser's character dies. I could cry right now. Sitcoms shouldn't be this good.

4. My Way Home

The Wizard of Oz episode in Season 5. I love every storyline in this one. 

5. My Finale

As far as I'm concerned, Scrubs ended perfectly right here.