Gerrit Cole Just Pitched His Balls Off To Shutout The Astros And Silence Every Hater Alive

Well that was fucking amazing. As much as a July 10th start can mean for a pitcher with Gerrit Cole taking the ball against Houston with the season in the balance, needing a fire like he brought. Goddamn he was brilliant. A complete game shutout 129 pitch 12 strikeout performance.  Full erection. Nothing short of masterful. One of the best starts I’ve seen from a Yankee in the regular season in a long time. Considering the spider tack stuff and how bad he’s been lately, I mean way to lay your nuts on the table. He’s had enough of this bullshit, Gerrit Cole will figure this out I promise you.  

Boone went out to talk to him with 1 out go and that unleashed a volcano of fire. I feel like this is an unpopular take but I really think Boone had zero intention of pulling Cole during that mound visit. He wanted to bring out that fire for 1 more batter and he got it.

What a start. What a game. Judge’s homer and troll job happened in this game apparently but I don’t recall. I’m out of breath, let’s fucking go.