This POV Of Shohei Ohtani's 463 Foot Homer And It's Landing Point Is Perfection

Your mothers favorite slugger his his 33rd home run of the year on Friday night and it was an absolute shot. 463 feet off the bat into the UPPER deck in Seattle. That's rare air up there. It was his 16th homer in his last 21 games which is Bonds like, he's on a historic run of homers right now. On pace for 60 which would be amazing if he hit it. The coolest part about this tater was the regular angle you couldn't really see where it landed. I thought it was the second deck, but this angle right here shows it landing wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up there in the upper deck. This was insane blast. Everything about the video is perfect, where the camera is, the sound off the bat, how they follow the ball all the way up there. I can't get enough of it. Look at where he hits it, there are 3 people up there. No chance they brought their gloves, you don't think you're in HR territory all the way up there, but I guess when Ohtani is in town any seat in the park is home run territory. 

This picture is pretty impressive too. The players look like ants down there, no chance you think you're getting a ball when you walk to that seat. 

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