Jake Paul Bought A $100K Chain Of Conor McGregor Knocked Out Holding A Bottle Of NyQuil

JAKE PAUL FROM THE CLOUDS!!!!! This kid is unbelievable. It’s undeniable Jake Paul is an absolute beast when it comes to staying in the news. His next fight vs Tyron Woodley isn’t until August 28th, so what does he do to keep his name hot in the streets you ask? Just drops 6 figures on a chain with an impressively accurate depiction of Conor McGregor knocked out on the canvas with his head in his hand immediately after his fight in January with Dustin Poirier. He even through his own little flare on it and had a bottle of NyQuil put in ”sleepy mcgregor’s” hands. Absolutely genius to drop this the morning of the biggest UFC fight of the year featuring the sports biggest star who he’s petitioning to box one day in what would be one of the biggest selling fights of all time. 

It’s crazy to think at this point its not even if it’s gonna happen it‘s probably just when. Conor McGregor is a business man. Although he doesn’t need the money, he sure does love it. I don’t think he‘s gonna turn down millions on millions on millions of dollars to box Jake Paul. Conor has been waiting to get back into boxing. He even admitted this week in the lead up to this fight that before the last fight with Poirier in January even happened he was already setting up a training camp for a potential boxing match with Manny Pacquiao. McGregor has gotta get through tonight before he can think about any other fights, but It’s insane to think a summer boxing match in 2023 headlined by Conor McGregor and Jake Paul isn’t all that far fetched. What a god damn world.