Addison Rae Is Getting Shit On For Interviewing For The UFC - Who Would Ever Have A Job They Weren't Qualified For?

Who in their right mind would ever take a job that they are unqualified for? Thats so disgusting, you know there's people who went to Devry University for 5 years that deserve this more than Addison. Shut the fuck up, in what world do you want to listen to a random ass wipe whose mother made him go to school over the girl who has 82 million followers and can bring a huge audience in that the UFC certainly doesn't have. It is amazing to me how dumb people are, her tweet is funny relax. The amount of times anyone at barstool does something cool and says what a world is because we know we should never be in that position but you fake it till you make it. Look at these crazy people. 

So selfish, she has 82 million followers so she should just let the real scholars take her job and not take advantage of it. You are reading this blog right now and I can't even spell. That's the definition of take advantage of what you have. 

Yes, spot the lie you can't because that is how the world works. When did people get so soft like yeah if she started performing brain surgery I would have to step in. People are like they study for years for this job, it's a communications or journalism major let's relax here. I honestly wish I cared as much as these people do it seems kind of fun to care this much it gives you something to do all day.