The Story of Bill Belichick Awarding a Game Ball to Larry Izzo for Taking a Dump on the Sidelines Unnoticed Takes You Into the Weekend

Author's note: Cued up to the 3:15 mark.

This is from 2012, when Wes Welker was still with the Patriots. But it randomly popped up on the Patriots subreddit and is such a timeless, evergreen classic that it will never go out of style. Even after the sun goes nova, whatever remains of the human race wandering the galaxy and terraforming other planets will think this is funny. How in the 21st century, an All Pro special teamer snuck out a deuce in the middle of a game in front of a stadium filled with people and over a dozen TV cameras. And for this incredible act of surreptitious bowel moving, ingenuity and, yes, courage, the greatest coach ever rewarded him with a game ball. 

Note that earlier in the interview, Welker talks about what it was like to drop a dookie in Tom Brady's heated bidet. Which by default would be the best part of any discussion that didn't also include this gem about Izzo and Belichick. Dan LeBatard was smart to build up to the A-material. And all this is further proof - as if we needed it - that Frank Reynolds could not have been more right. 

So this just felt like the perfect way to head into a Friday evening in the summer. Have a great weekend everybody.