Minor League Baseball Manager Throws An Ump Out Twice, Loses Battle With Gum During An Awesome Tirade

What a power move. Some managers go for the classic kick dirt and yell, not this guy. Oh no Mark Magdaleno kicks you out! You don't kick him out. The clap before the first ejection is laugh out loud funny. That is until you see him lose a battle with gum that makes White Sox Dave jealous. 

That gum had more exit velocity than any homer I've seen this side of Brady Anderson. And if that wasn't enough Mark was going back for more. He had to let the ump know he meant business so that means another ejection. So pure, so direct to the point. There are a ton of ways guys can go when arguing with umps, there's this one which is probably the most famous manager tirade of all time. 

There's the legend of tirades in Earl Weaver.

And now there's Mark Magdaleno. Pray for umps and pieces of gum everywhere. 

PS: Some are saying this ejection was the reason the Pickles won.