In The Biggest Shock Of Our Lifetime, Charles Barkley Simply Can't Stop Hitting The Shit Out Of Golf Balls Now

I can't believe this has happened. Charles Barkley was once the worst looking golfer to possibly ever swing a club. To say it was herky-jerky would be a compliment. 

But this new Chuck? What the hell man? A smooth looking swing and the ball actually went forward and somewhat straight. That's not my Charles Barkley! It's actually a bit disheartening to see him keep this new swing and continue to get better. My Charles Barkley hits a duck hook while spazzing out on his swing. That's what I want to see. He does that then he goes on Inside the NBA on TNT and makes fun of Shaq. It's why we love him. He is always just Barkley and there's something pure about that. I've talked about it before, but I'm out here playing all the time trying to get over the hump and consistently shoot in the 80s. I just .. can't. It's not my fault, despite it completely being my fault. I know Chuck has all the money in the world and access to the best coaches, but it still feels unfair. Although this quote hits the closest to home I've ever felt. (h/t

“Listen, it hasn’t been fun for me for 25 years to play golf,” he said. “I only play in Lake Tahoe because I love coming there. And I played in a couple of my friends’ celebrity golf tournaments to raise funds for charity. It wasn’t like I was having fun on the golf course; I’m not going to tell you that lie.”

There are very few things that feel worse than being in a lull on the course. Just feeling like you'll never be comfortable over the ball, consistently putting up bad scores. You try everything to get over it. You switch from beer to liquor. You switch balls. You do anything and everything to get good juju. 

 All I know is if Chuck can get rid of the yips, we all can. I believe in you, Trent.