Drake Rented Out Dodgers Stadium To Take Out Bronny Jr’s Teammate’s Smokeshow Of A Mom On A Date

People tend to have very differing opinions on Drake but let me stick my flag in the ground right here, right now that Drake is a stone cold BOSS. Some of you might remember that Kanye rented out Dodgers Stadium to propose to Kim K before he turned into a total weirdo, well Drake just did it for a casual date night. As a wise man once said “there’s levels to this shit”.  Drake is as smart and calculated as it gets when it comes to throwing subtle jabs to make the news and get people thinking/talking, so I can’t help but think that in addition to being a baller ass date to bring the woman you are pursuing on, it absolutely is a straight jab right to Kanyes face. For those who may not know or have forgotten, Drake confided in Kanye about the child he was having and then Kanye turned right around and exposed him to Pusha T so he could go on to use it against him in rap battle beef. Pretty slimy shit by Kanye but fuck it, that’s the game. 

On the other hand in more blatant fashion, the fact that it‘s one of LeBron James Jr’s high school teammates moms (which is probably the reason Drake ever went out of his way to attend a HS basketball game in the first place) is really the true headline of this whole thing. Drake is banging the mom of the number 3 recruit in the class of 2022, Amari Bailey, who’s already accepted a full ride to UCLA. Now it hasn’t been 100% confirmed that Drake has slept with Amari Bailey’s mom, but if he’s out here attending her kids basketball games and renting out baseball stadiums to have dinner we know damn well he’s gotten a piece of that ass and he liked it too. As far as I can tell he‘s got great taste because she is THICCCCC and MILFY. 

My next question is, if Drake is banging your mom, are you even mad about it? There’s gotta be some part of you that’s noted knowing that anyone‘s banging your mom besides your father but at the same time, there could be much worse people clapping cheeks with your mother than the best musical, highest selling musical artist of the last 15 years. The man literally has more slaps than the Beatles. 

Amari Bailey posted this picture on his instagram less than a month ago so I’m gonna imagine he can’t be too mad at it? Can his friends even roast him for this? If this was my friends and I growing up i think we’d speak In strictly Drake quotes for atleast a week. If Amari Bailey was around I’d be playing nothing but Drake in his presence To never let him have even a second to not think about the man that’s sleeping with his mother. That’s what good friends do, roast you endlessly over things whether you can control them or not. 

I come from a world where my mom works as a waitress and can barely use a computer so it’s hard for me to think about going through life where my mom has almost 200k instagram followers and her content consists of bikini pics and my occasional basketball highlights, but he lives that LA lifestyle and i guess that’s just how it is? I respect all single mothers so I’m not gonna judge her I’m just gonna say get it how you live and sup? Also I’m not lying she really stays posting thirst traps on the gram so I’ll end this blog with some links to her instagram. BONK.