The Spanish Call of Daniel Camarena's Grand Slam Is the Most Electric Shit You'll Watch Today

Absolutely no disrespect to one of the best play-by-play guys currently doing it in Don Orsillo, but THIS is how you call a grand slam by a relief pitcher. I don't even know what is being said here, but I know it's electric and way cooler than anything you could say in English.

Almost universally, anything is more hype in Spanish. There's just that added bit of flair inherent in it. I can't really place what exactly it is, it's just there.

Even calling people "crazy morons" for wanting the DH in the National League just looks cooler in Spanish text than it does in English.

But my man Eduardo Ortega crushed this call. Every team should be so lucky to have one announcer with as much passion and excitement for the game as he clearly has, and the Padres have two of them when you add in Orsillo. Some fans — like those of the Atlanta Braves — have to sit through 162 broadcasts of guys like Chip Caray talking about how bad baseball is now because guys hit dingers instead of sac bunt.

Anyway, I found out Ortega does the MLB Postseason for ESPN Deportes and that is exclusively where I will be watching the playoffs this year. He's the man.