Phoenix Suns Fans Are Out Of Their Goddamn Minds And It's Impossible To Cheer Against Them Now

Welcome to the Thunder Dome. Seriously, I don't need to sit here and talk about the Suns hitting seven more threes than the Bucks of basketball porn like this possession: 

You got dudes ripping off prosthetic legs during the 'show us your shoe' on the Jumbotron. You have a guy wearing a hat that looks like it wouldn't fit Pablo Sanchez's head. You have the Valley bros locking out. You have the Rock the Valley guy WITH a dude rocking 'MJ > LeBron' sign in the background, just in case people wanted to argue. Suns fans from Suns in 4 guy to Blake the kid putting on a goddamn show every time they are playing


Oh and if that's not enough, they followed up the Gin Blossoms in the Western Conference Finals with Jimmy Eat World tonight.

It's not the counting that's making Giannis airmail free throws. Oh no, it's the intimidation factor all around the arena.

How can you compete with that? You can't. There's only one thing left to do.


Everything about this team is awesome. Impossible to cheer against the Suns unless you're in Milwaukee and if that's the case, sorry.