If You're Not Watching The SRX Series, You're Missing Out

I can't get enough of the SRX Series. Superstar Racing Experience Series and there's plenty of them. Tony Stewart for starters. It's his idea, his series, and it's a blast. Every Saturday night under the lights with the biggest names from all forms of racing getting on one track together to battle it out. 

Tony Stewart, Michael Waltrip, Bobby Labonte, Helio Castroneves, Marco Andretti, Tony Kanaan, Willy T. Ribbs to name a few. All these drivers on one track! Not to mention up-and-comers like Ernie Francis Jr. who won the main event this past weekend in Indy. 

I texted my pal James Hinchcliffe, who you can catch up in the booth broadcasting SRX on CBS for the next couple weeks, about how to properly put the series into an analogy that makes sense. 

"Honestly man there's nothing like it!" Hinch told me. "The closest thing would be like a Pro-AM golf tournament where you'd pair Peyton Manning and Steph Curry for 18 holes. Because while everyone comes from some form of racing, it's all different from each other and all different from exactly what SRX does."

But it's more than just racing. It's like the XFL of racing. 

The point of the series, from a viewer / fan standpoint, beyond putting together entertaining races each week is to use it for some experimentation. Broadcasters talking to the drivers under green? Sure, why not? Hinch and Tony Stewart accomplished that feat no more than three weeks ago in an all-time badass racing moment from Stewart. 

"I'm bout to give your little brother (Marco Andretti) an education here in one lap. Please hold."

And then he did just that. That's some real life Jean Girard-sipping-the-coffee moves right there. Awesome stuff. The races are quick. Short tracks. A lot of action. Some rivalries and spats brewing. There's only two more races left on the next two Saturday nights, but it's a hell of a way to spend a Saturday evening. Check it out.