CONSPIRACY THEORY: A Bunch Of People Are Accusing UEFA Of Helping England Make The Finals As A Thank You To Ruining The Super League

[Sun] - TOP selling Italian sports paper Gazzetta Dello Sport hinted at a conspiracy theory over the disputed Raheem Sterling penalty which gave England their win.

They suggested the Three Lions have been given help to reach the final in return for Boris Johnson’s vocal opposition to the failed European Super League, which threatened Uefa’s control of the continental game and is still supported by Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli.

Here's what the paper said: 

"For England, it has been a home tournament but they have to play Italy and they are worried. Roberto Mancini will instead have to take into account two things: the consistency of the opposition and political wind that is blowing.

"British Prime Minister Boris Johnson went down in history as the man who saved European football. A payback would be logical. We may be thinking bad thoughts, we may be sinners, but better that than being a fool."

I'm a sucker for conspiracy theories, especially sports related and this was all but a guarantee to happen. I mean look at all the results from yesterday's England/Denmark match. We have the laser incident, we have the two balls on the field incident, we have the matches being at Wembley.


And now, a new one. The Super League. Remember the Super League? It was the talk of the Internet for about 48 hours. It was designed to take the best teams away from their respective leagues and start this monster league where they only play each other. 


Naturally this is now the lead conspiracy theory for England getting that PK yesterday. I love it. Give me all the conspiracy theory talk, especially when you throw in the craziness that is European soccer. You have people signing a petition to replay the game. Sure, why not? Those always work and are for sure never a waste of time. We can debate that penalty, it was a bullshit call. But to think they'll replay the game because of that? Buddy, let me introduce you to sports. Refs are awful, always have been, always will be. They are going to make game-deciding calls all the time, it just so happens in soccer it's escalated when scoring is limited. 

And OF COURSE UEFA wants England in the Finals. What do you think will draw more eyeballs to a final? Denmark vs Italy or England vs Italy at Wembley? I'll give you a hint. It's the country that people watch soccer basically every week thanks to new TV deals here. Throwing in the downfall of the Super League as a conspiracy theory though? That's just beautiful. 

Now let's bring it on back to Rome.