Yankees Legend John Sterling Got Cruelly Tricked Into Calling an Aaron Judge Homer Live on Radio That Ended Up Being a Replay

First of all, absolutely fuck off whoever was running main last night and came up with that caption. Jail time. John Sterling is a goddamn legend and at 83 years old still calling games these days, he deserves all the pinstripes. Tell me you've never been watching a million games on a football Sunday at a bar where the sound isn't on and you thought a big play happened live only to find out it was on replay. If you're saying that's never happened to you, you're simply a liar. No matter what age you're at whether it be 83 or 21, you've fallen victim to that moment 100%. 

Now here we have John Sterling calling last night's Yankees road game from a booth in Yankee Stadium. Ridiculous. It's 2021 and we still are restricting announcing teams from traveling on the road, which makes no sense to me. Anyways, John and Suzyn were calling the game on a fucking monitor like you'd do as a kid. Whoever was running the video feed (Seattle's producers) decided to show a real speed replay of Judge's bomb earlier in the game while he was up at the plate. This is on whoever is controlling the video feed and no one else. 

 Get John and Suzyn at these games in person, enough of this bullshit. Suzyn LOVES to complain about calling this stuff on a monitor and she's 100% right. What are we doing here?