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Sonny Gray Didn't Like How He Was Pitching So He Went Into The Clubhouse, Stripped Completely Naked, Changed His Uniform, Came Out And Shut Down The Royals

Sometimes when you give up a few runs and don't like how you're pitching you have to go in the clubhouse, get butt ass naked except for your cleats, change uniforms and then come out and finish the game. That is exactly what Sonny Gray did vs the Royals on Wednesday. He said he wasn't feeling himself before the game and that continued into the 4th inning. So he did what any of us do when we need to switch it up. Strip. Like he said in the clip he got completely naked as he changed his jersey, pants, socks, underwear, everything but his cleats and came out in a new uniform. He went on to dominate the Royals from that point and retired the next 10 he faced. He didn't pitch badly either, only gave up 2 runs before he did the striptease, but he felt it was bad enough to make a change. Hard to blame him because it seemed to work. His final line was 7 hits, 2 runs, 2 walks, 7 Ks including 5 after he got naked in 7 total innings. Sign me up for that start any day, if this is a thing that works for him he should get naked after the fourth inning of every game.