Man Of His Word, White Sox Dave, Takes On The Quizno's Lobster Sub

For those that don't follow the non-sense on twitter and are wondering how we arrived here, here is a quick breakdown of events.

A couple weeks ago I was walking by one of the last standing Quizno's in Chicago, located at Division and Wells in Old Town, when I saw this poster on the window and my head nearly exploded.

Our guy TJ told me to give it a whirl

I said only if my main man WSD joined me

And Dave drew his line in the sand.

$500. Not one penny less.

So our ace Danny went to work, immediately setting up a venmo donation to raise the funds.


I think we hit our goal in like 45 minutes. With Dave's best buddy Hubbs being the donor that put it over the top-

From that point it was a littany of excuses and "scheduling conflicts" as to why we couldn't hit the shop to try the one and only Old Bay Lobster & Seafood Sub from Quizno's.


But being the "Oath Keeper", and man of his word that he is, Dave set the date for yesterday afternoon and delivered.

Not sure how his stomach felt after this but my nose was itchy from smelling this thing and Dave wasn't lying when he said there was a "tang" to it. 

PS - Dave here. This was the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten and I'm not embellishing. There was a point where Dante was looking at my hands and they were shaking because I was so disgusted with this sandwich. I've done a lot of stupid shit in my life, but this was the first time I've been truly ashamed of myself. I brushed my teeth immediately when I got home but the taste lingered in the back of my throat for hours, and mind you I don't really love seafood all that much to begin with. Absolutely foul and grotesque.  

I blew all of the $500 yesterday at Halligan's, the Cubs game and gambling