I Appreciate The Hell Out Of Travis Kelce's Golf Game Consisting Of Chugging Beers And Slicing Drives

I appreciate the hell out of this video, specifically Travis Kelce. Why? I'm playing the worst golf of my life this summer. Just brutal tee to green and since I'm on the Internet hours upon hours each day too often I see some freak athlete getting up and hitting the shit out of the ball. Demoralizing. I've been grinding at this game for 25 years or so now and I'm just ... stuck. Meanwhile someone like Steph who is the best shooter in NBA history can go shoot par on a nice ass golf course. Bullshit. At least when Tony Romo does it I'm reminded he didn't win shit with the Cowboys and that helps. 

But here we have Travis Kelce. The chugging of the beer? Necessary for any common man golfer. I'm not saying you have to be out here shotgunning on every tee shot. But getting that swing lube in you, especially if you're struggling off the tee is key. Save a move like the big chug or shotgun until the back 9 when you really need it, typically like hole 13. It doesn't much how you play, there's always a moment in the round where you need that little boost. It can be a rally dip, a shot, a shotgun, whatever. It happens. Everyone hits that moment. That's common man golf, check from Kelce there. 

Then there's the drive. Kelce doesn't have an awful swing or anything, but you can tell he's like 99% of us. Sometimes it's automatic and you're hitting fairways, other times you're aimed to the left bunker and the ball goes right immediately off the club and into the shit. As someone who has a ridiculous left to right, this, THIS, hits the closest to home. Even the 'stay up, stay up, that's gone.' We've all willed a ball to take a bounce one time for us. It never does. Need to see more videos of this and not athletes shooting par.