The More The Years Go By, The More Abundantly Obvious It Is That The Keeper Of The Cup Is The Biggest Rockstar In Sports

Dave Sandford. Getty Images.

I'm a firm believer that everyone was put on this Earth for a reason. Everybody was born to do something. The unfortunate reality is that many folks never come to the realization of what it is that they're meant to do. So many people go throughout life without ever truly understanding what their purpose in this world is. 

Phil Pritchard is not one of those people. Phil Pritchard was brought into this world to deliver Lord Stanley's Cup with those silky white gloves and that same exact haircut he's been rocking since the Oilers won the Cup back in 1988. This man has been the Keeper of the Cup since before the majority of the league was even born. And year after year after year, this legend shows up and he gets the job done. 

It doesn't get more rockstar than that. The longevity, the dominance, the pure brilliance of this man's career. Are there other people out there who could do his job? Not many, but maybe a few. But is there anybody out there in the world who could do it better than Phil Pritchard? Not a goddamn chance. Because anybody else would let the fame and fortune get to their head. Nobody else would be able to remain as true to themselves and to the Cup as ol' Phil The Thrill. He knows what the fans have come to expect. They expect the white gloves. They expect the bowl cut that looks like he puts the Cup on his head and then just tells his barber to go nuts from there. It's the greatest trophy in sports, and there's only one man who can be trusted to treat it the way Stanley deserves to be treated. 

What a legend. The day we get to see Philly P effortlessly walk out onto that ice with the Cup in hand is always one of the greatest days of the year. Again, total rockstar shit.