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Marvin Bagley's Excuse For Getting Caught Liking A Tweet Saying He Should Leave The Kings Is Pure Gold

Oh you thought Marvin Bagley would just say he got hacked because that's what everyone does? Well does Marvin Bagley have different plans. Listen here pal, that's his Twitter account. I hope Bagley goes on a liking spree. Just start liking everything that says he needs to leave, I don't care if it's even for a different sport. Just send everyone into a tizzy because you're out here liking tweets. It's honestly a breath of fresh air that he's just leaning into it. We need to stop using 'I was hacked' as a crutch. Just admit it was your thumbs and your brain that decided to like something. At the most I'll accept a slip of the thumb because we've all been there. Terrifying if you're a couple weeks/months back on an Instagram and your thumb starts to hover a bit too close to that heart button. Don't need to deal with that. Remember, we've seen Marvin Bagley's dad get into it with De'Aaron Fox's dad: 

Bagley doesn't want to be a King and honestly I don't blame him. Playing for the Kings has to suck especially after the Peja, Vlade, Jason Williams, Chris Webber era. Also shout out Bobby Jackson and Hedo. But that's not the point. The point of this all is having more athletes like Marvin Bagley who don't give a shit about lying. Give me that every day of the week as someone with no allegiance to the Kings or Bagley. So just know anything that's on Marvin Bagley's Twitter page is from his own thumbs and don't you dare question it.