Colton Herta Basically Telling His Dad To Fuck Off On Sunday Was Some Classic Father-Son Competitive Banter

Colton Herta is only 21. He's a kid. A kid who goes 200+ putting his life on the line week in and week out as an IndyCar driver. Then on top of that? His fuckin' dad is his strategist. That's right. Not only is he blazing it out there on the track - he's gotta have his old man in his ear throughout. 

Sure, it helps that his dad Bryan had a successful career as a driver himself then added two Indy 500's to his resume as a strategist before he took over with his boy Colton, but damn that'd drive me nuts, too. Your dad tries to give some pointers for your swing on the golf course. "Alright, pop. I got it" you'd say before the second time you'd say the same thing Colton did here. 

"Yeah I fucking know! Stop talking to me!"

Sounds like what I'd say and hear every weekend at the ballpark growing up with all the dad's who never could trying to make their sons be the ones who did. Except in this case Colton has and will continue to be the one who did. Youngest driver to win an IndyCar race in series history. Started 2nd in this year's Indy 500. Kid's a rockstar. Literally. He's a drummer on the side in his band "The Zibs". 

I talked about that and racing back in May. Keep on rockin' and tellin' pops to shut the fuck up, Colton.