5 Rays Pitchers Combined For Another Non Official 7-Inning No-Hitter. Congrats... I Think?

I still don't know how to treat these 7-inning no-nos, and throw in the fact that it's a combined no-hitter makes it that much more strange. I guess we aren't recognizing these as "Official No-Hitters" since Madison Bumgarner's didn't count as one, but it's stupid because it's not like the team demanded it be 7 innings, the pitchers went out and did their job and just happened to not give up a hit during the length of the game.  This "no-no" was shared by 5 different Rays, Collin McHugh, Josh Fleming, Diego Castillo, Matt Wisler and Pete Fairbanks. This is the first combined no-hitter in about 2 weeks when the Cubs did it to Arizona. Tampa blanked the Indians who I guess have been no-hit 2.5 times this season. I love that Yandy Diaz didn't even know they had a no-hitter going in the game, I don't know if that shows that players really do focus on every pitch as much as they can, or if he just didn't even care it was going on. 

Look at him, he's trying to figure out why everyone was smiley and happy are this particular win, didn't even know it was goose eggs across the board. The Rays pitchers had to know what was going on, but you wouldn't know it because there was no dog pile or big celebration, just the high five line. Business as usual in Tampa I guess. 

The asterisk tweet by their account is pretty good too, sums it up pretty well. Just a casual graphic and that's it. No need for a splashy video of the radio call, people will shit on the tweet if they celebrated it big, so just throw the graphic and keep it moving after sweeping Cleveland in the double header. This whole 7-inning thing is so stupid, we're going to keep running into these problems with no-hitters and compressed games, just give the guys the credit and lets move on. Still super impressive to hold a team hitless for 7 innings, but if you're the Indians it's gotta be tough being on the opposite end of 2.5 no hitters, pretty embarrassing.