NBA Finals Diary #2: Is Milwaukee the Most Overrated Team to Ever Make the Finals?

This is my fifth NBA finals and I have to say that was as crazy a crowd as I've seen. After the year we had, it certainly was amazing to have fan interaction like this. 

If you don’t know, my producer Playboi Marty is a life long Suns fans and when I mean he’s an insane fan, I mean he is absolutely CRAZY for the Suns. So I had no choice but to adopt them as my team after the Blazers got bounced. In addition, we were rooting HEAVY for #TheOversClub and thank God it hit with 30 seconds left (thanks Pat Connaughton). 

Below is a pair of videos I edited showing what it was like before, during, and after Game One. 

We ended up getting that Overs jacket!

Cannot wait for game 2 where me and Marty will be live from Phoenix arena