Denmark's Goalie Doesn't Want To Hear A Damn Thing About 'It's Coming Home' Since, You Know, England Never Wins

How can you cheer against Denmark today? Unless you're Troopz or holding an England future, you better be cheering for Denmark. They are the feel good story of the Euros for advancing to the semifinals after star Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field during their first game of the Tournament. Now they are going to Wembley to play England in the semifinals of the Euros and Kasper Schmeichel is out here making fun of England. Love it. That's what I want to see out of a goalie, who plays professionally in England mind you, get ready for today. Oh 'it's coming home.' It's never been home! Answer the question, journalist. Has England ever won the Euros? The answer is no. They've gotten third a couple times, but that's about it. They've never won, so it can't come home. England fans can sing it all they want during other games, but we're all Denmark today. 

This couldn't have broke better for England only to have them the lose today. That's the dream. They are at home. They had Germany early and then their half of the bracket broke with upsets. They avoided playing Netherlands and had France, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Croatia on the other side of the bracket. Losing here would be perfectly on brand for the England National Team. 

Sorry Troopz, but the heart wants what the heart wants.