The Movie About Kurt Warner's Life Looks Like It Would Take 3rd Place In An East Coast Regional High School Film Festival - Sports Category


What in the world did I just watch? That can't be the actual movie. You're telling me the top actors, directors, and producers put their minds together and purposely released the above video, thinking people would like it???? I think I am being very fair with my title. 3rd place in a high school regional film festival (sports category). I mean look at this!




Are they going to go ahead with this movie? Are they really going to see all the backlash and jokes and go "yep, that's the film we want to send out to the world"? Don't become an all time internet meme like Robbie Amell when he tried to throw a football and the directors were like "yup, that's the shot we want!"



Hey, maybe we're all wrong. Maybe this movie won't suck. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that somehow they put together the weirdest "first look" but the movie itself can still be fine. It's possible! But hopefully they take the criticism the world has been giving them this morning and make some changes, because right now, yikessssss.