WOW!!! White Sox DFA Adam Eaton

This is mildly big news. I never in a MILLION years thought they'd eat crow and sack Eaton, though his performance on the 2021 season justified this move. He was on a 1 year cheapo deal, yes, but if anyone says they thought Eaton would be a goner then they're lying to you. But... this move makes all the sense in the world. Look at these numbers:

That's… not good. Eaton was a really good ball player for a really long time. A 5 win player on a great contract. He also netted Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, and Dane Dunning…. and Dunning eventually turned into Lance Lynn. I'm saying the White Sox got the most out of his value as they possibly could have. 

Engel is also back. In his small amount of games this year, he's looked like the gold glove caliber CF we knew he was, but he also pissed on 3 bombs for a team that is STRUGGLING to hit the ball out of the park. Hopefully there are no more set backs with his hammy because his all around skill set is much needed right now. We're 1 step closer to being fully healthy… hopefully. In an ideal world, Engel platoons with a player that can hit RHP (Blackmon anyone??) and is a stud late inning replacement in the OF.

Also shout out to Jake Burger right now. This means he'll get an extended run. If Engel came back and they decided to keep Eaton aboard, that'd have meant Burger was probably the odd man out and on his way back to Charlotte. Nevertheless, this is good news when the White Sox really needed it. 

Engel will help the team tread water and once again, they're one day closer to Gaz, Lu and Eloy returning right after the trade cavalry arrives like the Knights of the Vale in GOT. Tread water folks. That's the name of the game right now. Tread water. Get a dub today, sneak a few more before the ASB, and tread water. I promise nobody will want to play a fully healthy White Sox team come mid august. Fuck all of you