Joey Chestnut Chugging 2 Liters Of Coke Is As Absurd As You'd Imagine


I never thought someone could chug a bottle of Coke like Buddy the Elf, but here we are. Buddy beat Joey Chestnut in this round, but both burps sounded eerily similar...

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Does chugging and being a competitive eater go hand-in-hand? My intuition says yes, but I could also see chugging and eating being like pitching and hitting in baseball. Not everyone can be like Shohei Ohtani and act as a duel threat. However, Joey Chestnut is making a strong case for being a dual-sport athlete after this video.

He doesn't give the newly discovered GOAT Eric "Badlands" Booker a run for his money:

Joey Chestnut will always be an American hero, but Badlands has an electricity to his performance that makes me never want to miss the chug contest again. The belch mid chug is such a flex to his opponent - he might as well just take his girl after that move!

Competitive eating will always be more impressive than competitive chugging (don't let Dana B see this) and I can't wait to see what levels we begin to hit with the Chugging Contest over the next several years.

If I tried to chug the way Joey Chestnut did, my insides would explode from carbonation. One glass of soda would do it for me, let alone 2 liters. There's no way I could hold down a burp that long and continue the chug. Impressive feat to say the least.