Pour One Out For Playboy Marty Who Was Just KOd On Twitter By Dave

Meet Playboy Marty. 

He came over to NYC after Dave hired Mintzy back in the fall. He's an LSU alum from Louisiana and absolutely loves the Phoenix Suns. I've watched Thursday night TNT regular-season games with this man and the passion he watches with is unmatched. I once had to ask him if he had a big bet on the Suns tonight, he said, "no, just need to win this game." This was in February.

Here he is after the Suns won the WCF:

That 2nd tweet is from 10 in the morning. 

Along with helping Mintzy, Playboy Marty is the producer of This League, who somehow got approved to hit the road and go to Phoenix for the first 2 NBA Finals games. No idea how that happened, but I was happy for Playboy Marty. You could tell how much it meant to him to make it to this game. 

He made one mistake. He tweeted this:

At the time, I didn't think twice about it. Unforutnately, for Marty, there was a storm back east. HQ3 has DirecTV, which cuts out during a storm. Dave and Big Cat were on stream. 

When the TVs cut out, Dave ventured to Twitter....and what did he find? That tweet from PBM:

A clean upper cut to the chin. KO from Dave Portnoy. One that the boys at the Phoenix Office will certainly be talking about tomorrow morning at the water cooler. Can only imagine how Marty felt. The highs of being in the arena to the lows of looking at that tweet. Imagine if the Suns lose too? Would be something...