There Was Zero Chance Italy Would Lose In PK's The Moment Giorgio Chiellini Dominated The Entire Country Of Spain During The Coin Toss

I know there's only one person from Spain here, Jordi Alba to be exact, but this is a domination of an entire country. A country like Spain lives and dies by their soccer team, it's like Alabama and football on steroids. So the moment Chiellini just showed him who is in control it was over. You can't tell me Spain wasn't terrified after seeing Alba get alpha'd here. Hell, just look at their first PK. I'm pretty sure that ball by Dani Olmo still hasn't landed. Fear. 

Should have seen it coming. 

Spain can do all the possession control they want, it doesn't matter when a bully comes along. I never thought I'd be calling the Italian national team bullies, but that's what they are. Plus, how can you not love Chiellini? The man has been playing for Italy for roughly 50 years. No joke he was on the 2008 Euro Team. Think about what you were doing in 2008 and this man is still starting and the captain for Italy. He's a lovable lunatic. 

Speaking of crazies, what the hell was this move by the steward? 

The man is going to celebrate, let him celebrate. One more and let it come home to Rome.