July 6th Will Now Forever Be Known As Luka Doncic Day In Dallas

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Honestly, it's hard to live a better life than Luka Doncic. He's a basketball phenom who has dominated the sport in whatever league he's played in for the majority of his life, he's about to sign a max extension for 200M+ before even turning 23, and now he officially has his own day in Dallas. Not only that, but I'm sure he's still riding the high from his huge triple double that carried Slovenia into the Olympics

Considering it's the first time in Slovenia's history that they've made the Olympics, that's a pretty big deal.

Look, Mark Cuban and the Mavs need to do everything they possibly can to cater to Luka for the foreseeable future, and after what has been a little bit of a rocky offseason so far this summer, I love this move. They can say it's because today is the day in Dallas County that they are celebrating Olympians and that's fine, but I have a question. How come today isn't Boban day? He was on the on the Mavs at the end of the season, he's on the Serbian national team that has made the Olympics, yet today isn't Boban Day? Interesting. Is it because he's technically a free agent? I guess Boban should start looking around for his next team.

Also, how do you not make Luka Day….tomorrow? Ya know, 7/7? For a guy that wears 77, that feels like a no brainer. What's one more day? What a missed opportunity. If I'm Mark Cuban, I'm not stopping at just one day though. I'm campaigning to give Luka an entire month. The entire city of Dallas will get behind doing whatever needs to be done in order to keep Luka in a Mavs uniform for life. Give him a key to the city, name streets after him, all of it should be on the table. He's the most important thing to happen to this franchise since Dirk. Remember, it's not about this current contract extension, everyone signs those. It's about the next one. Those are Luka's "prime" years and you need to make sure they happen in Dallas. With all the drama surrounding Luka and the front office, you can never be too careful.


It is kind of scary when you stop and think about how Luka is only going to keep getting better. He's not even that reliable of a three point shooter yet and he is truly an unstoppable basketball force. What a life.