Jeff Wittek Called Trisha Paytas A Rat So Now I Have To Get Involved

First of all when people use rat like this it breaks my heart. I have been trying to make rat a good word for a decade and one tweet like this breaks it down. But it is really funny when people call someone a rat like this. 

To break this down really fast: Jeff Wittek was part of David Dobriks vlog squad and he suffered a very serious eye injury from a crane which he did a documentary on. Trisha said on her Youtube that there were no professionals there so it was really stupid and all of this other nonsense. Why do you need a professional every where you go? During sex do I need a nutritionist there with me so I don't get a cramp? I could't really care less about this beef but when someone calls someone else a rat I have to give my opinion. The best thing with these internet celebrities is that they act like they don't know how the internet works. One person says something about the other because the world is talking about it and then the other person usually crosses the line with a comment and then boom we're calling people rats. This is why the internet is the best and it all happens so fast it's beautiful. Not many things are better than watching a twitter fight that you're not involved in at all.