Fernando Tatis Jr. Turned Into David Blaine And Levitated Right In Front Of Our Eyes To Make An Outstanding Catch

You kidding me with this, Fernando? A liner off the bat of Ryan Zimmerman and Tatis makes an outstanding leaping catch for the out. He did his best David Blaine street magic impression and floated in the air to stay up enough to make the catch. I don't get how he stayed in the air that long, he's actually levitating. He's not a great defender which makes this play even more impressive, but he's just that athletic where he can jump that high, stay up there and has enough hang time to make the catch. This is why he's mentioned as one of the more electric players in the sport. People will say it's an easy routine play, just have to jump at the right time. That's not entirely true at all, it's a tough play for sure. He made it a little harder by jumping early but that added a little flair and dramatics. A+ job on the call too. Orsillo knocks it out of the park as usual. 

Gotta love all the different camera angles too, makes it look much more impressive. That's a big catch too, top 8, guy on second who probably won't go because of how hard the ball was hit but who knows, maybe he tries to go home and score. For all his defensive miscues, I think you can tolerate those because theres always the chance he'll do stuff like this. I still don't understand how he was able to stay in the air that long. Hell of a play from Fernando.