Amazing Video Of Bad Ass 98-Year-Old WWII Veteran Playing National Anthem On Harmonica Before USWNT Game

What a great job by Pete Dupre. A harmonica has never sounded so good. His lungs? Immaculate for the age of 98. 

He’s known by many as “Harmonica Pete.” He turned 98 two months ago and has traveled across the country playing the national anthem on his harmonica. 

He’s actually played the harmonica before many USWNT games before. He went viral back in 2019:

In the clip from today, some of the US players turned their back to Pete as he played. Pretty sure those players do it during the national anthem every time but quite a few people on Twitter were angry about their decision.

The USWNT are off to Tokyo for the Olympics. Would be shocked if they lose, but I guess we’ll see. Their kits for the Olympics this year are absolute fire, win or lose: