The 2021 Yankees Are So Good At Providing Their Fans With Perpetual Sadness

Steven Ryan. Getty Images.

Mets 10 Yankees 5

The Yankees have had more "worst loss of the year" games in 2021 than in any season I can remember, and it's only July 4th. Today's edition of total and complete embarrassment involved Gerrit Cole posting the 3rd shortest outing of his career along with Aroldis Chapman blowing yet another save. The Yankees "closer" didn't record an out, and left with two runners on in a tie game after leading off the inning serving up a game tying homer by Pete Alonso. 

The best part about that at bat is that Chapman had thrown Alonso two very good high fastballs that Pete had no chance on. So what do you do on 1-2? Let's try to be a hero and hang a slider on a guy who can't hit a fastball! The one pitch Alonso has a chance on is a hanging slider! Yeah fuck throwing the eye level fastball that Pete loves to swing through! Why do you that? Tie game. Chapman also had entered this game posting an ERA of 17.47 over his last 8 appearances. Chad Green had just worked out of a jam in the 6th using all of 2 pitches. Boone's reasoning for not letting Chad finish this one out?

He was thinking about how to pitch Game 2! The Yankees have this baseball thing so figured out that they can worry about future games and not the current one they're playing. Absolutely fuck off. 

Lucas Luetge came in after Chapman and proceeded to give up all of the runs. In the blink of an eye the 5-5 game had turned into 10-5. Another disastrous meltdown, this time to the cross town rival Mets. Sick. 

July 4th is always the date I use to start caring about standings and gauge where a team is at. Saying you're in first place on April 18th means literally dick to me. Yankees go on a random 7 game winning streak in May to trick the fans that they're turning it around? Wait until July 4th and you'll know where the team is headed. Well today is July 4th and I can say with confidence that this team is fucking horrible. A loss tonight in Game 2 of the doubleheader and they'll be below .500. Hal Steinbrenner said in his press conference a few days ago that he had no interest in selling, but he will most certainly need to rethink that if he wants to be realistic. This isn't a good team whatsoever and he needs to realize that. Sell what you can and revamp everything in the offseason. Will they do this ? Probably not because Hal is hellbent is letting this team die. 


P.S. How awesome must it be for Aaron Boone and his coaching staff to come to work everyday and have no threat of losing their jobs? Everyone is safe until the end of the year no matter what they do or say. What a life! No matter how embarrassed these guys get, Boone and co. won't get touched. What a joke.

P.P.S. Only reason to watch the night game is to see Nestor Cortes pitch.