BOOOM!! The #1 Recruit In The Country Just Chose THE Ohio State University

BOOOOOOM!! No, those aren't fireworks, folks. That's just the #1 player in the 2021 class committing to Ohio State. The highest rated defensive player to choose Ohio State in the two decades of the modern recruiting era. And that's now two top 5 players in the country, joining Barstool Athlete and fellow 5-star recruit Jack Sawyer, that are coming to Ohio State next year. Oh, and they're both pass rushers. Good luck blocking these defensive ends for the next 3 years.

Now I don't want you all to be confused. This is the 2021 top ranked prospect. I know we ALSO have the 2022 top ranked prospect in quarterback Quinn Ewers committed, but we're not talking about that today. We're talking about JTT, the 4th highest rated recruit of ALL TIME choosing the Buckeyes. The guy who the entire Ohio State coaching staff dressed up in Hawaiian shirts to greet at the airport his visit.

Incredible.But was there ever any doubt? Where else would you go if you're a top defensive end in the country? Not only is Larry Johnson the GOAT when it comes to development (ever heard of the Bosas?), but Ryan Day has now been on the job for about 2.5 years and has already landed four players ranked higher than Urban Meyer’s highest-rated recruit. Guys I hate to say this because Urban and Tressel are so near and dear to my heart, but Coach Ryan Day is the greatest coach in Ohio State history. And he hasn't even won his first Natty yet.

But in three years he'll have 3…..