Ocean City, Maryland Blew Their Load Too Early And Had All Their Fireworks Go Off 10 Hours Early

This is peak Ocean City. If you've ever been to OC Maryland you get it. There was a truck of fireworks getting ready to be set up for the big show tonight for the fourth. Something happened in the truck and every single firework was detonated. Nothing like a sky full of smoke and fireworks at 10 AM. The good news is only a few of the workers had minor injuries and refused a trip to the hospital, who wants to spend the holiday in the hospital? Just a few minor burns but nothing serious. The bad news is the fireworks show in OC was cancelled for the 4th because.....well they already went off. There's no more fireworks to shoot off.

Fireworks are a poor mans activity anyways, they aren't fun, they aren't exciting. They're just loud and bright. That's it. I couldn't imagine being the guy who was tasked with setting up this fireworks show and having this happen. Those poor people in OC have waited 2 years to see these fireworks and now they'll have to put on their finest shirt with a collar and head up to Bethany or Dewey for their fireworks shows. The OC people don't deserve the Delaware fireworks shows. Regardless, happy no one was hurt because this was a recipe for disaster with that many people on the beach and that many fireworks. It's so perfect that it happened in Ocean City. Happy 4th, make sure you keep all your fingers folks.