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Tokyo Is Calling! Alica Schmidt -The World's Sexiest Athlete - Is Now Officially An Olympian

To quote our own Big Ev, LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO! I've blogged about Alica Schmidt a couple times before. I've never been more locked into German track and field. I've never been more locked into the 4x400 relay, but here we are. That's just the blogging game. Alica Schmidt was named the world's sexiest athlete, simply because I decided to be a blogger and not an athlete but that's not the point right now. Well, Alica is the point. Remember, Alica made a promise to us. She promised to go hard if we went hard for her. 

Well we all went hard! We went as hard as possible! That's how Alica had the motivation to make the Olympics. And you know what? That's awesome. I fucking love the Olympics. Give me all the sports and it's on the TV. Swimming, the Micahel Phelps years were electric. Track and field? Can't miss the 100m or really any of the sprints. Basketball, soccer, handball. But now I'm hoping to be completely locked in for the women's 4x400 relay. 

Alica is pretty fucking good too. She finished second in the U-20 European Championships back in 2017. Then got bronze back at the U-23 Europeans in 2019. Some would say she's got it all. Good looks? See the pictures. Perfect eyes? I'm willing to say yes. Now we add Olympic athlete.