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If Kirk Fires Me Again... It Was A Better Run Than Last Time

Predictable and corny “he won’t make it to Labor Day” comment from Kirk. Everyone says stupid lines like that when they hire someone new but this time there’s an actual track record. 

I won’t go into it but I’ll summarize it quickly…. Last time I worked with Kirk, I lasted 48 hours. There’s an episode of the show from two years ago you can check out if you want background but it involves a bunch of assholes… myself included.  

Let’s jump to this morning where Kirk shit all over my first week. 

I wonder if there’s a learning curve working with a literal crazy person… What an insane fucking thought. 

I actually agree with that… but fuck him. 

A little hyped up to have a good time and laugh a little… Something the show hasn’t done in a long time… you know because he thinks he’s a better investigator of crimes than an actual professional. Fuck him again. 

It definitely was not an A+ week for me but at least it was only the first one…

Maybe he’ll step it up when he comes back from his 10th week off this year.