It's Hard Not To Love Jesse Winker After Seeing Him Get Emotional While Talking About Being Named A Starter For The All Star Game

How can you not root for Jesse Winker of the Cincinnati Reds after seeing his reaction to being named an All Star starter? He's been one of the best players in baseball this season but if you're just a casual fan you may not know how good he is. Playing in Cincinnati doesn't really help his case but they've got some nice pieces there alongside Winker and Nick Castellanos. Winker has had a fantastic season and was rewarded for it and you could tell it meant a lot to him. He's already set a career high in homers and RBIs and is third in the NL in batting average. 

You could tell how much this meant for him and I always love seeing guys react like this with their true feelings over the typical hardo answers. Even though he's a first round pick these guys still grind their asses off for years before they even sniff the bigs and for a guy like Winker to finally figure it out in the league and get rewarded with an All Start starter nod is awesome. If we're being honest he should have made the All Star game just on his bat throw the other night.